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Season 5 Compilation | Mystic rEvolution

Season 5 Compilation

Season 5 highlights about the Path of Psychic Mastery and how we can access Spiritual information with an embodied Soul connection.

Episode 60 | Mystic rEvolution

Episode 60 – Expanding Consciousness

Susana and Wendy delve into what Humans are actually capable of achieving by raising our consciousness with Soul tools.

Episode 59 | Mystic rEvolution

Episode 59 – Shifting Reality

Susana and Wendy delve into why people do this type of inner work and how everyone is experiencing a different reality.

Episode 58 | Mystic rEvolution

Episode 58 – Inner Technology

Susana and Wendy delve into directing attention and intention with the ultimate capacity by enhancing our Soul senses.

Episode 57 | Mystic rEvolution

Episode 57 – Soul Presence

Susana and Wendy continue their discussion on Soul Work and allowing shifts to occur by consciously engaging with our Soul.

Episode 56 | Mystic rEvolution

Episode 56 – What Is Soul Work

Susana and Wendy delve into what Soul Work is and how it can reveal the essence of who we are by being fully authentic.

Episode 55 | Mystic rEvolution

Episode 55 – Field Of Focus

Susana and Wendy delve into mystic development and the value in psychic training with focused attention on our intentions.

Episode 54 | Mystic rEvolution

Episode 54 – Doing The Work

Susana and Wendy delve into are we actually doing the work and experiencing our Soul or are we going through the motions.

Episode 53 | Mystic rEvolution

Episode 53 – Spiritual Inclusivity

Susana and Wendy delve into belief systems and experiencing the Oneness of Source energy by playing the Love Game.

Episode 52 | Mystic rEvolution

Episode 52 – Bypassing The Bypassing

Susana and Wendy delve into discerning motivations, shifting consciousness and not micromanaging our thoughts.

Episode 51 | Mystic rEvolution

Episode 51 – Spiritual Bypassing

Susana and Wendy delve into spiritual tools to overcome an issue rather than avoiding it.

Episode 50 | Mystic rEvolution

Episode 50 – Spiritual Certainty

Susana and Wendy delve into our experiences of God and awakening to our own Soul journey.

Episode 49 | Mystic rEvolution

Episode 49 – Experiencing Divinity

Susana and Wendy delve into engaging with our Soul and experiencing the Divine for the highest and best good.