Episode 52 – Bypassing The Bypassing

Episode 52 | Mystic rEvolution

Season 5 – Path To Psychic Mastery

Episode 52 - Bypassing The Bypassing

Susana and Wendy open with a meditation and then delve more into spiritual bypassing and discerning motivations to know the whole story.

We share about: being present; here, now, with; fixing problems; needing to be seen; addressing judgements with more judgements; projecting our experience upon others; everything is a mirror; oportunities for healing and growth; tools to neutralize; shifting things through sound waves; and using our experience to serve others by being real and authentic.

Susana and Wendy also discuss disrupting energy, shifting consciousness and not micromanaging our thoughts by transmuting anxiety.

This episode is in our Season 5 deep dive into the Path To Psychic Mastery.

Mystic rEvolution is a weekly webcast hosted by Susana DuMett, an Energy Mastery Coach and Wendy R Wolf, a Mystic Mentor who share insights on being a Mystic in modern times.

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