Episode 53 – Spiritual Inclusivity

Episode 53 | Mystic rEvolution

Season 5 – Path To Psychic Mastery

Episode 53 - Spiritual Inclusivity

Susana and Wendy open with a meditation and then delve into belief systems and experiencing the Oneness of Source energy.

Susana and Wendy share about: Spiritual Certainty; radically different experiences; noticing the vibration and resonating with it; the God of our Heart; path of exploration; and making space for direct Spiritual Experiences.

Susana and Wendy also discuss: mitigating fear and uncertainty; being flexible and taking things lightly; Soul Maturity; and playing the Love Game.

This episode is in our Season 5 deep dive into the Path To Psychic Mastery.

Mystic rEvolution is a weekly webcast hosted by Susana DuMett, an Energy Mastery Coach and Wendy R Wolf, a Mystic Mentor who share insights on being a Mystic in modern times.

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