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Season 1 | Mystic rEvolution

Season 1 Highlights

Join us for a compilation of clips from Season 1: Why We Need A Mystic Revolution Now.

Episode 6 | Mystic rEvolution

Episode 6 – Tapping into the Divine

We focus on mastering our capacities to perceive and discern information that validate our experiences.

Episode 7 | Mystic rEvolution

Episode 5 – Clear Seeing

We share some steps that empower us to be more in flow with our Soul information by honing our skills and mastering our perceptions.

Episode 4 | Mystic rEvolutiuon

Episode 4 – Conscious Creation

Susana and Wendy share about: being a Soul Transformer and using our Imagination to create new possibilities.

Episode 3 | Mystic rEvolutiuon

Episode 3 – Do It By Being

We share insights about: being natural perceivers; knowing our edges; and using our perception to its fullest potential.

Episode 2 - Living From The Inside Out

Episode 2 – Living From The Inside Out

Susana and Wendy share how learning to master your energy is the most radical thing you can do as a Mystic in modern times.

Episode 1 |Mystic rEvolution

Episode 1 – Inner Strength and Sovereignty

Susana and Wendy share essential practices that are meant to empower us with Inner Strength and Sovereignty.