Episode 3 – Do It By Being

Episode 3 | Mystic rEvolutiuon

Season 1: Why We Need A Mystic Revolution Now

Episode 3 - Do It By Being

Join our facilitators, Susana and Wendy as they share how Mystics can make a difference and why we need a Mystic Revolution now.

We open with a brief meditation to help us get centered and present for the open sharing between Susana and Wendy about: we're already Healers; Soul Intellect and practicing our calling; reading energy levels; intuition and intellect; Artists are our antennae; and envisioning what is possible.

We also delve into: being natural perceivers; knowing our edges; and using our perception to its fullest potential.

This episode is in our Season 1 Deep Dive: Why We Need A Mystic Revolution Now.

Our running topic of discussion is about: How Mystics Make A Difference.

Mystic rEvolution is a 30 min weekly webcast facilitated by Susana Dumett, an Energy Mastery Coach, and Wendy R Wolf, a Mystic Mentor, who share their insights on how Mystics can make a difference in modern times.

Our conscious content is produced by Retro Earth Studio.

Interactive Chat with Facilitators

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