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Season 2 | Mystic rEvolution

Season 2 Highlights

Join us for a compilation of insightful conversations from Season 2: Mastering Our Energy.

Episode 24 | Mystic rEvolution

Episode 24 – Living In The Flow

Susana and Wendy discuss making space for healing and moving into the extraordinary.

Episode 23 | Mystic rEvolution

Episode 23 – The Great Marriage

Susana and Wendy discuss how the Great Marriage is the intentional embodiment of Divine energies.

Episode 22 | Mystic rEvolution

Episode 22 – The Phoenix Rising

Susana and Wendy discuss how the 4 stages of the Great Work is a quintessential expression of manifestation.

Episode 21 | Mystic rEvolution

Episode 21 – The Great Work Continues

Susana and Wendy share how our lives can transform through the four alchemical stages of the Magnum Opus.

Episode 20 | Mystic rEvolution

Episode 20 – The Great Work

Susana and Wendy delve into mastering the process known as the Great Work, or Magnum Opus in Latin.

Episode 19 | Mystic rEvolution

Episode 19 – Integrating Integrity

Susana and Wendy share about having awareness of the truth and distinctions in our understanding.

Episode 18 | Mystic rEvolution

Episode 18 – Owning Our Power

Susana and Wendy delve into gaining leverage and allowing our selves to be in the flow and eliminate wasted effort.

Episode 17 | Mystic rEvolution

Episode 17 – Amusement & Certainty

Susana and Wendy discuss the 7 Keys to Mastery and experimenting with the core of certainty then growing into it.

Episode 16 | Mystic rEvolution

Episode 16 – Yes I Can

Susana and Wendy discuss being able to show up with our Soul information and do what we are meant to do here.

Episode 15 | Mystic rEvolution

Episode 15 – Whose Energy Is it

Susana and Wendy discuss the foundations of self mastery of being neutral, compassionate and present.

Episode 14 | Mystic rEvolution

Episode 14 – Becoming Who We Are

We share about expanding our awareness through sensory perception and relying upon our intuition.

Episode 13 | Mystic rEvolution

Episode 13 – Tending To Our Self

Susana and Wendy share how mastering our energy is the most radical thing we can do for oourself.