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Season 4 | Mystic rEvolution

Season 4 Highlights

This is a compilation of highlights from our Season 4 deep dive discussion into strengthening our Soul Senses and enhancing our intuitional capabilities.

Episode 48 | Mystic rEvolution

Episode 48 – Cosmic Connection

Susana and Wendy delve into tapping into the Divine Source for Divine Guidance and shifting our experience.

Episode 47 | Mystic rEvolution

Episode 47 – Love Power & Desire

Susana and Wendy delve into Chakra locations and reading our different energy centers of personal power.

Episode 46 | Mystic rEvolution

Episode 46 – Rooting In Reality

Susana and Wendy delve into our experience of this realty, an intelligent operating system and going haywire.

Episode 45 | Mystic rEvolution

Episode 45 – Exploring Chakras

Susana and Wendy delve into our various energy centers known as Chakras and how they are our holistic road map.

Episode 44 | Mystic rEvolution

Episode 44 – Downloading Information

Susana and Wendy delve into Remote Viewing, Mediumship, Channeling and the Akashic Records.

Episode 43 | Mystic rEvolution

Episode 43 – The Nuts and Bolts

Susana and Wendy delve into distinctions of spiritual perspectives and the energy behind words.

Episode 42 | Mystic rEvolution

Episode 42 – Meaningful Metaphors

Susana and Wendy share how psychic clues are intertwined and that we all have a personal mythology.

Episode 41 | Mystic rEvolution

Episode 41 – Symbols and Archetypes

Susana and Wendy discuss why recognizing universal messages gives us a new perspective into situations.

Episode 40 | Mystic rEvolution

Episode 40 – The Sacred Mirror

Susana and Wendy share about looking beyond perceived energy and discerning nuanced information.

Episode 39 | Mystic rEvolution

Episode 39 – Behind The Curtain

Susana and Wendy share about what an energy reading is like and some useful distinctions.

Episode 38 | Mystic rEvolution

Episode 38 – Responsible Soul Reading

Susana and Wendy share about being informed by our inner senses and understanding the context.

Episode 37 | Mystic rEvolution

Episode 37 – Soul Sensibilities

Susana and Wendy delve into enhancing our intuition and empathy in ways that don’t overwhelm us.